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Horny Birds

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Horny Birds
If your girl is this hot, dont you dare let her out of your sight! These are the sexiest ladies we have ever seen on camera! Perfect tits, perfect ass and hornier that you would even believe! This is our hottest submission yet! When these ladies arent lying topless by the pool, or streaking at the beach, theyre having foam parties in their hotel rooms, fucking guys, fucking each other at Horny Birds! Who cares? Its Cabo! Woooo!

College Fuck Parties

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Sexy college fuck at B-day party
Sexy college fuck at B-day party

My friend Katarina and me were invited to Natasha’s birthday party, and we knew it was gonna be a blast. Natasha’s one of those hot college sluts who can’t get enough of fucking. We bought presents and everything, and when we came to Natasha’s place, we were really impressed by her looks. A black mini dress and sexy stockings, wow, a real sex bomb! I made a mental note to myself that I should fuck that sexy student girl whatever it took :) As I expected, the party had that feeling of sex in the air, especially after the sexy college girls started dancing seductively, taking clothes off each other. I took a horny blonde to the kitchen to prepare the birthday cake with candles, but before doing this, we had some real hot drunk fucking :) We played a sexy game, and it made us even more turned on. Anton prepared a special present for the birthday girl – an awesome strip dance! That got the sexy student girl so aroused, she got on her knees and performed a truly breathtaking blowjob. Now it was clear that a crazy college orgy was inevitable :) Natasha and Anton started making out, and another couple joined them. Foursome with the hottest college girls – what can be cooler than that? Well, these nasty college chicks sure know how to make things way hotter, as they asked to drill their tight butts. Anal sex party? Wow, that’s even better than I expected! Then we poured whipped cream on the blonde I drilled in the kitchen, and the insatiable babe wanted more sex. We made her wish come true :) After Natasha blew out the candles on her birthday cake, we gave her the best present ever – a big dildo. She was so excited, she started to lick it so passionately, and we were all dying to get our own cocks into her mouth. Remember that college orgy that happened a bit earlier? Well, it was just a prelude to that crazy hot drunk fucking we had next! All of the pretty party girls lay on the sofa, naked and ready for hardcore action, and our cocks were rock-hard and throbbing! We drilled those drunk college girls real hard, probing their oozing pussies and sweet butts with our mighty shafts. Their screams of pleasure and explosive orgasms prove that they absolutely loved that :) Actually it was one of the greatest hardcore sex parties ever at College Fuck Parties!

Real Party GFs

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Horny teen girl blowjob and then getting her pussy fingered
Horny teen girl blowjob and then getting her pussy fingered

Cum join the fun at Real Party GFs! Here you’ll see exclusive footage from the wildest parties featuring the most beautiful and horniest gals in town. You’ll also get to download tons of XXX-rated party photos and videos hacked from private profiles. This is 100% REAL CONTENT! And you can own it all as soon as JOIN HERE!

CFNM bachelorette party

Monday, August 16th, 2010

CFNM bachelorette party
We had another great outing recently and I’m bringing it to you fresh off the press. This was a great night of gorgeous women sucking dick like it was the end of the world! Several women got some great facials and we had a sexy bride to be with a MASSIVE set of amazing tits, and she got exactly what she wanted, a face full of hot jizz!


Drunk girls blowing strippers

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Drunk Girls & Male Strippers
Drunk girls blowing strippers
Is there anything better than a huge club full of really hot & horny women? Of course not. We got a hot group of girls here for a bachelorette party dressed up as sexy cowgirls, and a ton more women just here to grab some cock. We’ve got all types of hotties wanting some dick, and there is plenty to go around.. there are so many hot women on this tape you might have to watch it twice!! It’s good to be the bear!


Dancing bear porn movies

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Sorority House Birthday Bash
We’re at a local sorority house for a birthday party, and these crazy college girls know how to party! These horny sisters were excited to see us at their door, and they warmed up to our guys in no time with some awesome dick sucking skills. It was a non stop endless stream of cute girls with cocks in their faces, and they loved every second of it!


Drunk girls fuck strippers at party

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Drunk Girls Fuck Strippers on Camera
Drunk girls fucking male strippers
We got in on another great bachelorette party this week, filled with hot young and horny ladies. Phoenix greeted the women with the long arm of the law and these girls were ready to party and ready to suck on some hard nightsticks. The girls made a mess getting whipped cream and cum all over the place! I’m glad we didn’t have to clean up!! Everyone loves the bear!!


Biggest bachelorette party ever

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Biggest Bachelorette Party Ever
We wanted to give Leesha one more night of wild fun before she got married, and wow did this party deliver! We were able to get about 70 horny girls packed into the club, and they FEASTED on our guys! Phoenix, Sebastian, Jonny and Scorpio put on a show for the ladies, and they returned the favor by draining them of all their bodily fluids! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many horny, ready and willing girls in one place before! Check out the tape!


Dancing bear sluts

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Dancing bear hardcore videos
Dancing bear stripper videos
These girls know how to throw a birthday party for their fellow friend and co-worker! We got one of our guys to infiltrate the office as a package boy, and once he was in, shit got pretty hardcore! This was one hell of a birthday party, complete with dick sucking, dick sucking and more dick sucking. These girls seemed pretty tame at first, but they quickly turned into cum hungry life suckers in no time. I think ALL the girls got their birthday wish. Check out the video!


Trashy strippers in wild stag party

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

I know some girls who cringe at the thought of their fiances having a stag party and this is the reason why. Trashed Girlfriends compiled these super steamy pictures of a wild party that took place somewhere private and expensive. Expensive because from the looks of it, money is no object when it comes to paying up these bitches just for the sake of a kinky show. You can see them lying naked on the floor with a couple of bills spread all over. Honestly I wouldn’t mind spending a lot on these whores since having them around before I get hitched could only mean giving the greatest gift to myself. We can’t really rely on our lifetime-partners-to-be to give us this fucking awesome treat, right? Our dear friends don’t always think that having hot and sexy strippers around, teasing and making our cocks stiff as a baseball bat, is a good idea. Well, kudos to anyone who made this party possible, we get to enjoy their goods as well.
Wild strippers in stag party

Look at these sluts, the typical sexy hot blondes who know how to really turn the heat up. They get naked and do naughty stuff to each other. The best part is that they even let the horny men play with them and do kinky stuff to them too. Like getting these strippers’ pussies played with and having their tits jizzed. Now this is the reason why guys wanted this so bad. And some bitches just don’t understand. The pictures here in Trashed Girlfriends are all fueled up for all you who got your throbbing engines running for a number of hours. The complete set of photos can be viewed here, all you got to do is click and enjoy!

Dancing bear sex videos

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Strip Club Debauchery
Strip Club Debauchery
What happens when you get a packed strip club full of really hot, really horny girls? THIS!! These girls didn’t hold back at all! This was a ball fondling, dick sucking, cum catching good time! Have you ever wanted to see a midget jester get sucked off by a really hot blonde? What about two ridiculously gorgeous hotties making out and slapping each others asses? OF COURSE! This is what really happens when women get salami sandwiches dangled in front of their faces!


Wild sex party with dancing bear

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Dancing bear strippers fuck girls
Dancing bear party girls video
It’s another Dancing Bear blow out. This time, we got our hands on a local bar, packed it with it ladies and introduced them to our crew. We added some new players to the line up and the girls just couldn’t keep their hands (or mouths) off of our studs. All these girls left their inhibitions at home and let their dick lusting minds run wild. It was straight pandaemonium these chicks had cock sucking fever and they all caught the bug.


Dancing bear stripper

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Drunk stripper gets fucked at a bachelor party
Dancing Bear stripper videos
It’s another Lady’s Night and we only know how to go big. We got our hands on a local strip club and took over for a night to let some horny honey honeys have the night of their lives. All these girls left their boyfriends at home. let loose just like they do lusting all over my buddies who bare all and give it all up for these wild ladies. I need to teach some one else to shoot this cause it is killing me seeing all the guys being pawed at and sucked on and me not getting any for myself. Any Volunteers.


Dancing bear cfnm

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Dancing bear stripper videos
Dancing bear cfnm
I am Proud to bring you Emerge. This is one cool cat and I will be using him again. It seems all the girls love him, and thats good for what I want to see. Ladies of all types going crazy horny over a guy for a change.I mean how often have you been in a club and watched all the girls chasing on guy like the last piece of meat on the planet. Watching these girls compete for this guys attention was a beautiful thing especially when they would play with his cock in front of everyone with out any shame I knew i had to get this guy back foir a few more shows.


Dancing Bear sex party

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Fully Nude Birthday Party

I couldn’t resist doing it, I know it might seem cheesy but who wouldn’t love a real live dick in a box. I wish I could take the blame for this one but Johny is the one that showed up with box in hand ready to give the gift of cock, so he took the lead into the office full of hot professional women using Viv’s birthday as an excuse to cut loose for this private male review. He was the new guy on the crew but he fit right in swinging his dick around letting each of these chicks take turns checking him out with there eyes, hands and mouths. followed up by both Rick the Dick and the Bear show this proved to be an awesome addition to vault, enjoy!


Wild college sex party

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Student party hardcore
Behind Soundproof Walls
Just another evening in the life of college guys, a night with alcohol, hot girls, and sex between random people hooking up in a recording studio. The first couple got caught by our camera while we were visiting the recording studio and stumbled on the girl getting fucked from behind in the recording booth. She was a little shy at first but got used to the idea pretty fast after getting nailed from behind. The second couple was more open to the idea of being filmed from the start and soon enough, the girl started to leak like crazy all over the floor and on herself.

Drunk girls have sex at party

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Drunk hardcore partying
Captain Cumando And His Crew Tear This Party Up
This party has reached the point where the girls have lost their inhibition and are completely immersed in some sex party action or are lost in the stripper action, with Captain Cumando taking the lead in this CFNM show! Every cock in this party is up for grabs, and it’s often the chicks you wouldn’t expect who are grabbing for some hard stripper rods and having their way with them for the first time on camera. One girl-next-door type gets so crazy that she and her fuck-toy get their fuck-nasty on right on top of the bar, pushing aside drinks and anything else in their way! There’s a reason this one-of-a-kind amateur CFNM sex party is called Party Hardcore! Get in now and see where these crazy amateurs can take this ridiculously insane sex romp!


Naughty college parties

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Students fuck parties
I Need a Camera For a Blowjob
This party is the best ever! We have private blowjob while girl on girl show is giving in the main room. Have Fun!

Casino Cocks and Cunts in Drunken Orgy

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Casino Cocks and Cunts in Drunken Orgy

Imagine getting invited to a casino party that would be attended by the likes of Dunia Montenegro, Carmen Black, Sharka Blue, Francesca Felucci, Natali Di Angelo, Ebony Godde, Tera Joy, Johane Johansson, Carla Cox, Alexa Bold, and Sofia Valentine. You will be expected to wear your finest clothes. All the dudes and debs at this joint are dolled up to the nines – but ultimately, they want to play a lot more than just craps. Whether they win big or lose big at blackjack, everyone winds up a winner when the booze starts to flow and the fine clothing falls to the floor, piece by piece. This is a truly diverse casino with men and women of all races and from all countries in attendance. The one thing they all have in common is the fact that, beyond a desire to gamble, they are really here because they are horny as fuck and want to get it on with each other. No wonder that an orgy breaks out – a drunk sex orgy, to be precise!

College party fuck fest

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Drunk girl gets fucked at the house party
Getting fucked at Midnight

Horny girls fucking each in front of everyone, alcohol isn’t the only think keeping everyone indoors. Sascha and Talon entertain the cameras as they fuck real sluts that love and need cock.

College girls fucking at parties

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Adult hardcore parties
New Year Resolution

The 2009 Party is the Best! Alcohol is flowing freely. girls are getting drunk and horny, they getting fuck all night long and wish all the upcoming years is like 2009. It a gorgeous party enjoys it!

College girl fucked by huge cock at party

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Orgy in Male Strip Club
Orgy in Male Strip Club

These amateur babes go slightly loco when they venture out to their local male strip club for ladies’ night. Things quickly go from calm to crazed after a few drops of alcohol and the sight of a nude male body. Of course, these stripper dudes love the attention, and you would too if you were surrounded by so many hot ladies. This college party quickly goes from mild to wild, from soft to hardcore, and the strippers seem to have no qualms about whipping their dicks out for a complimentary blowjob on the dance floor. Of course, the girls are dying to compete for the strippers with the hottest dicks, and so they titillate the dudes in return, showing them their tits and even offering up their wet pussies for the horny dudes. And since the ladies can’t always get what they want, a little lezzie action ensues – in short, a perfect night out, and all caught on film!

College parties drunk girls

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

College bash porn partying all night
College bash porn partying all night

Haley Sweet just got into the business, see the Party that inspired it all. This dirty cock sucking ho shows us exactly whats in store in the upcoming years.

Drunk college girl sex

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Slutty Amateurs Get Mega Fucked at Hardcore Sex Club
Innocent Girls Go Wild at Hardcore Sex Party

Different kinds of people have different ambitions in life. One thing is for certain, though – no matter what these chicks want to do in the outside world, once they’re inside the Party Hardcore club, they each only have one goal – and that’s to suck as much dick and get fucked by as many of these male strippers as possible. At the end of the night, these horny, cum splattered chicks will compare notes on who took the most cock and tally up the results. The winner will get to come back next week and get gangbanged all over again. Once these girls next door are converted to the winning Party Hardcore formula, they can never go back to being “innocent” again. With our cameras on hand recording all their deviant behavior, we get to watch their transformation into hardcore porno sluts! Now I’ll drink to that – cheers!

Euro sex parties xxx

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Euro fuck party
Check out this hot full on fuck orgy with 2 hot euro babes Check out this hot full on fuck orgy with 2 hot euro babes

Tony thought it would make for a great practical joke to have Laryne and Anna burst into the bathroom on Renato while he was showering. Catch him off guard so he would be embarassed. How well he really thinks he knows Renato needs to be reviewed. Renato had both girls on their knees playing with his cock by the time Tony came upstairs. Oh well. On to business. Both of these lovely ladies had great sets of tits and tight shaved pussies. Orgy status was achieved in no time. Both women sucking on cocks and getting their titties and pussies licked was great to watch. Bouncing from hard dick to the other, this was tons of fun to watch. See for yourself. Enjoy.