Several party girls suck cocks at local drunk fuck fest

Black college party

Black College Party
Its well known that Florida is home of the freakiest, uninhibited people around, and their colleges are no different. If anything they are raunchier. So it comes to no surprise to see an all black college from Florida pulling out all the stops and showing us a thing or two about wild college orgies. First off, we are introduced to the guys dorm room like an episode of MTV Cribs, and right from the get go you can tell these dudes are no joke and ready for anything. Moments later a massive party is going down, with more thick ebony babes than you could shake a dick at. While they are all getting to know each other, someone busts out a deck of sexual act cards, and you can only guess what happens next. Here is a hint. one of the freakiest, nastiest, no one leaves unsatisfied orgies in the history of Dare Dorm. We have only just begun, but submissions like these set the bar pretty damn high. Watch the video, and see what a 10k orgy looks like.

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